Sophie Delmonico

  • 1 min read

Sophie Delmonico is an exceptional professor and devoted mother, gifted with a profound understanding of human experiences and deep empathy. With a background as a nurse and a wealth of life experiences, she enriches the SCT Foundation's research by infusing it with a unique blend of academic expertise and personal insights.

In her role as a professor, Sophie imparts her vast knowledge and experience to inspire the next generation of scholars. Her nurturing approach fosters a supportive learning environment where students feel valued and encouraged to explore their passions.

As a mother of children, Sophie's profound empathy extends beyond the academic realm. She intimately comprehends the intricacies of human emotions and the impact of AI technologies on individuals and their families. This parental perspective brings a heartfelt dimension to the foundation's research, ensuring that it remains grounded in real-life implications.

Sophie's profound empathy serves as a guiding light in the research team's endeavors. She is a compassionate listener, recognizing the importance of understanding the human side of AI and its potential ramifications on society. Her insights help the team approach their work with sensitivity and thoughtfulness.