The next Intelligence for AI

Discover the power of Symbolic Language®

25 years of experience to bring you a revolutionary protocol enhancing current top AI solutions.

Dream analysis & insights retrieval

The final answer to your dreams meaning

From the root consciousness information to real-life meaning, get the most accurate advice to find back self-worth.

- Powered by LLM Al solution and enhanced with our custom Symbolic Language® layer.
- Get advanced feedback regarding what happens inside your mind.
- Tailor-made with psychologists, doctors and experts in Symbolic Language®

Enhancing Al Security solutions

Detect beyond with Source Security

Discover the latest innovation to enhance Cybersecurity with Symbolic Profiling, advanced sentiment generator and more.

- Enhance your Cybersecurity solution with Symbolic Language
- Get advanced intelligence on people's unconscious behaviour
- Provide your team with profound insights

Enhancing healthcare Al solutions

Insights beyond physical care

Provide medical specialists with advanced information to better treat and understand patients underlying thoughts, emotions and behaviours.

- Increase doctors capacity to understand and communicate with their patients
- Reveal subconscious information by leveraging Symbolic Language® Al powered solutions
- Solve mental health communication issues like never before

Improving education solutions with Al

Smarter and brighter education

Strengthen advanced intelligence with to Emotional Intelligence with Symbolic Language solutions for teachers and students.

- Provide schools with interactive tools and program for children and teachers
- Increase the Symbolic Intelligence of new generations
- Give children a tool to discern more accurately the positive and negative influences of symbols around them

Enhancing code Al solutions

Source Coding

Imagine a coding language with a unique module that blends Symbolic Language and Emotional Intelligence that interprets symbolic data within code while also understanding the emotional context in which it's written.

- Symbolic Data Enhancement
- Emotionally Adaptive Code Suggestions
- Emotional Well-being Metrics

Enhancing gaming intelligence

Gaming with ethic in mind

Level up like never before with Symbolic Language® integration to your video games.

- Dynamic Storytelling
- Adaptive Gameplay
- Player Emotion Recognition

Music meaning retrieval

All sounds and musics are based on subconscious affinities

The Symbolic Language can help also to analyse, explain, and discern the lyrics and/or ambiances of the music, helping them understand their emotional states by their choice of music.

- empowers artists and labels with deep insights into audience emotional responses
- facilitating more emotionally resonant creations
- enhances the emotional connection between musicians and their audience.


SCT holds the rights to a unique computing language and code that will revolutionize research in the development of both human and artificial intelligence.


This language has been tested on tens of thousands of real-life cases.

25 years

More than 25 years of research carried out by a team of experts in symbolic decoding and analytical psychology.


A team made up of 100+ professors, doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists and therapists

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Inviting Investors & Business alliances

We are inviting committed investors to be a part of the Symbolic Language® expansion and integration!

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Inviting Investors & Business alliances

We are inviting committed investors to be a part of the Symbolic Language® expansion and integration!