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A training to master Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Welcome to a transformative journey that empowers leaders to thrive in today's dynamic landscape. Our Emotional Intelligence (EQ) training program equips you with the tools to excel as a leader, fostering success on both professional and personal fronts.

Online Training

Watch the courses and take part in the evaluations of knowledge online

In person Training

Courses and conferences to improve your team's EQ.

Professionalism and expertise

Program for managers and employees

Our training provides keys and tools to improve your team's efficiency and productivity through practical exercises, evaluations of knowledge

12 engaging courses available both online and in-person
Immerse yourself in enlightening conferences and lectures.
Evaluate your understanding and track your progress throughout the program with our evaluations of knowledge.
Apply theory to real-life scenarios through practical exercises.
Complete the program in up to 12 weeks or even less, tailored to your schedule
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Good Emotional Intelligence
Success in life

Course content for Managers

Explore 12 comprehensive Emotional Intelligence modules, in 12 weeks or less

Balancing couple, family and work life with your EQ, as well as managing responsibilities and time management

How to use your EQ to hire (and keep) the right employees

Ethics in the business world

Multiplying with wisdom, as well as sustainable development and avant-garde entrepreneurship

Learning from failures to reach true success

Polarities in the business world, giving and receiving

How EQ can help us communicate well and be a positive leader, as well as EQ and diplomacy, and publicity

Solving work issues with your EQ, as well as understanding resonances in the workplace

Understanding memories to understand employees and leaders

EQ, mental health and the work environment

Introduction to symbolic language and how it applies to the business world

Dreams, signs and decision making

Course content for Employees

6 Courses, completable in 6 weeks or less

EQ, mental health, memories and the work environment

Balancing couple, family and work life with your EQ

Learning how to communicate with your EQ

Solving work issues with your EQ

Teamwork and EQ

How to be happy at work?

a new paradigm

Why you need good EQ in today's world

Nowadays new leaders are sought not only for their university degrees, but also for their skills in human resources management and their ability to successfully apply Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to a wide range of situations. Deep understanding of all aspects of human beings not only guarantees a successful company, but also a successful life on the individual, relational and family levels.

Emotional intelligence markedly increases our awareness regarding all the situations and events that life presents us with. It provides global vision and profound empathy, which develops our discernment and our ability to make decisions based on the strengths and weakness of all the people involved.

Teaching in the schools of tomorrow will not only aim to develop intellectual understanding of the world, but will also teach students how to perceive, feel and sense in depth, i.e. how to integrate the multi-dimensions of consciousness into the application of the + and - code.

Statistics & Studies

Better EQ, higher performance

How Emotional Intelligence (EQ) can make a difference in your business, by the numbers.

Workplace performance

Emotional intelligence accounts for 58% of workplace performance  across all types of jobs.

Goleman, D. (1998) "Working with Emotional Intelligence." Bantam.

Financial returns

Leaders with high emotional intelligence generate 20% higher financial returns  compared to those with low emotional intelligence.

Bradberry, T., & Greaves, J. (2009). "Emotional Intelligence 2.0." TalentSmart.

Revenue growth

Companies led by leaders with high emotional intelligence outperform those led by leaders with low emotional intelligence by +20% in terms of revenue growth. 

(Reference: Boyatzis, R. E., & McKee, A. (2005). "Resonant Leadership: Renewing Yourself and Connecting with Others Through Mindfulness, Hope, and Compassion." Harvard Business Press.)

Less absenteeism

According to Six Seconds, an emotional intelligence research group, a strong emotional intelligence can help reduce workplace absenteeism by up to 52%. (Reference: Six Seconds, 2018).

Reduction of conflicts

A single emotional intelligence training can lead to a 50% reduction in workplace conflicts. (Reference: Six Seconds, 2017).

Reducing employee turnover

Organizations that have focused on improving emotional intelligence have reduced turnover by 63% (Reference: Gallup, 2016).

Improve your team

Better managers

According to the American Management Association, emotional intelligence training has enhanced leadership quality by 42%.
(Source: American Management Association, 2018).

Executives and managers with well-developed emotional intelligence possess essential skills for creating a positive and productive work environment. The ability to perceive and respond to team members' emotions fosters open and empathetic communication. This leads to stronger relationships, increased trust, better conflict management, and inspiring, compassionate, and constructive leadership.

Improve your business

Better employees

TalentSmart revealed in a study that employees with strong emotional intelligence achieve 28% more sales.

Employees who develop their EQ (Emotional Intelligence) are better able to understand their own reactions to daily challenges. By recognizing our emotions and managing them effectively, we can enhance our mental well-being, reduce stress, and increase our resilience. This translates into increased productivity, improved focus, and a strengthened ability to collaborate among colleagues.


What is Emotional Intelligence and why is it so important?

Emotional intelligence (EQ) represents our ability to perceive and understand beyond the form and react with sensitivity toward everything in life: accidents, events, relationships, objects, animals, plants, etc.

Whenever we look at an object, our way of recognizing and evaluating it has been coded according to the feelings and emotions we have recorded within ourselves during our personal experiences with that object (or type of object).

Our experience related to the object can go back to our childhood and comes from influences from parents, friends, society, and far beyond. Developing our emotional intelligence means delving into what is programmed within us, in order to create a balance between what we perceive within ourselves and what surrounds us.


Individual sessions

Business Consultations

An EQ Consultation allows in-depth personal coaching for business people, through the tools of Symbolic Language and Emotional Intelligence. During a private and confidential consultation, it is possible to ask questions and receive profound advice at the company level (professional decisions, business partnerships, management situations, ethical issues, etc.) and/or at the personal level (couple, family, work, etc.).

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On-site or online conference

EQ Conference: Empower Your Team

If you're interested in organizing a half-day or evening conference, or raising awareness within your company about the benefits of emotional intelligence, we would be delighted to assist you and to collaborate with you in organizing an event.

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