The Source Code Technology (SCT) Foundation

The Source Code Technology (SCT) Foundation

SCT is Swiss Foundation recognized as public utility working to design and deploy technologies on Symbolic Language, Dreams Interpretation, Predictive Analysis, and School Programs for High Potential (HP) Children & for those with Autistic Spectrum (ASD), as well as for those who have difficulties of learning.

Shaping tomorrow's knowledge

The aims and missions

By essence the SCT Foundation has the role to inform the general public of various approaches related to Symbolic Language, Predictive Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics in order to increase the development of human conscience on every level.

Research and Development

  • Our Foundation has developed educational programs like The Plus Minus Code, and plan to create new softwares, computer programs and robotics
  • Out teams have specialized into the understanding of how the mechanisms of memory work
  • We have started several development in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics

Setting up Programs

  • To help highly gifted, high potential children, as well as the creation of schools, educational establishments or specialized teaching centers
  • To help people suffering from autistic spectrum disorders (ASD), from attention deficit and/or hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD), difficulty concentrating, dyslexia and other learning problems, as well as providing assistance in psychology and psychiatry

In-depth Studies

  • Research in stress management, understanding depression, and all kinds of mental problems
  • Study of consciousness (conscience), the unconscious, psychology and the interpretation of dreams, signs & symbols
  • Study of how emotional intelligence (E.Q.) & intellectual intelligence (I.Q.) work

Working and Organization

  • Working together with governments, public or private institutions, schools, universities, and medical centers (hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, hospices, etc.)
  • Organization of training courses, seminars, workshops, webinars, lectures, consultations in affiliation or partnership with various associations, companies and international foundations.