Anthony Di Benedetto

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Professor Anthony Di Benedetto is Vice-President of the Source Code Technology (SCT) Foundation of Switzerland, as well as on the Board of Director in different companies and international organizations acting in the domain of research, health and education. Professor Anthony Di Benedetto is an expert in Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Symbolic Language, an avant-garde visionary who modernizes and leads everything he comes in contact with. Anthony is a wonderful example of what a modern genius is, a technology genius filled with goodness, justice and natural wisdom.

Together with his wife Professor Kasara Nolet-Di Benedetto, they devote their life in coding, researching and developing SCT Department of Research & Technologies on Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and work in the conception of very advanced school programs for HP children (high potential), as well as for autistic children and children with learning difficulties.