Eloi Delmonico

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Professor Eloi Delmonico is Director of the Source Code Technology (SCT) Foundation of Switzerland. He has an important experience in school management, teaching, editing and writing in Switzerland and in many countries. Professor Eloi Delmonico is an expert in Emotional Intelligence (EQ), and is very active in the diffusion and teaching of Symbolic Language in different organizations, associations and schools.

With his wife Sophie Delmonico, they teach their three children how to understand what they feel, so that they can develop their full intelligence and potential. They work with great devotion for the Foundation at the Management and editing level and in the Department of Research & Technologies. For them, the coding and teaching of Emotional Intelligence (EQ), and the preparation of the future of robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are essential to bring tools and very advanced school programs for HP children (high potential), as well as for autistic children and children with learning difficulties.