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The Source Code Dictionary - Dreams, Signs, Symbols (French version)

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The Source Code Dictionary, Dreams-Signs-Symbols – developed over more than 25 years of research in collaboration with a team of over 100 researchers, doctors, psychologists, therapists and experts in symbolism – represents a quantum leap in access to the knowledge and data that allow us to decode and understand the information we receive at night in our dreams, to extract its essences and to translate them into life equations

This unique work – now presented in an encyclopedic boxed set and an expanded and revised edition – has become one of the most important references in the field. It presents a revolution in the psychology of Freud and Jung, explaining symbolic language with quantum logic (+, -, variable).

Thanks to this dictionary, for the first time in the history of mankind, the interpretation of dreams unveils the Source Code and its mysteries and offers everyone the possibility of accessing the symbolic level to better understand the functioning of our conscious and unconscious memories.

Note: Only available in French for the moment. English version available soon. The PDF version of the Source Code will be available online in your account anytime after purchase.


Our dreams are the most important thing we have to understand on a psychological and philosophical level, because they are the deepest expression of who we are, the source of our becoming, of our conscious and unconscious personalities, of our thoughts, emotions and behaviors.

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Some of the world's greatest mathematicians, scientists, philosophers, doctors, inventors, writers, filmmakers, researchers, composers and musicians have received inspiration and information through dreams that have allowed them to make it real and share it with humanity.

"One day humanity will understand that dreams represent the most advanced computer language there is... "

Albert Einstein: The Speed of Light
Srinivasa Ramanujan: The Man Who Knew Infinity
Srinivasa Ramanujan: The Man Who Knew Infinity
René Descartes - the basis of a new philosophy, the scientific method

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